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[CTTE #614907] Resolution of node/nodejs conflict

=== Resolution ===
The Technical Committee reaffirms the importance of preventing namespace
collisions for programs in the distribution, while recognizing that
compatibility with upstreams and with previous Debian releases is also
important and that sometimes an imperfect balance must be struck between
these three goals.

The Committee therefore resolves that:

1. The nodejs package shall be changed to provide /usr/bin/nodejs, not
   /usr/bin/node.  The package shall declare a Breaks: relationship with any
   packages in Debian that reference /usr/bin/node.
2. The nodejs source package shall also provide a nodejs-legacy binary
   package at Priority: extra that contains /usr/bin/node as a symlink to
   /usr/bin/nodejs.  No package in the archive may depend on or recommend
   the nodejs-legacy package, which is provided solely for upstream
   compatibility.  This package shall also declare a Conflicts: relationship
   with the node package.
3. The node source package shall rename its binary to /usr/sbin/ax25-node,
   and its binary package to ax25-node.
4. The node source package shall continue to build a transitional 'node'
   binary package for compatibility with deployed Debian installations,
   which provides /usr/sbin/node as a symlink to /usr/sbin/ax25-node.  This
   package shall declare a reciprocal Conflicts: relationship with the
   nodejs-legacy package.  Other packages may reference the 'node' package
   as a dependency or recommendation, but are encouraged to transition to
5. The maintainers of these packages are required to implement the above
   changes immediately in unstable.  Failing that, the Technical Committee
   reserves the right to NMU to implement these changes.
6. Once the above changes are implemented, the packages shall be considered
   suitable for release with respect to the Debian policy on conflicting

=== End Resolution ===

Please see http://bugs.debian.org/614907 for the background and discussion.

Don Armstrong

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