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Incorrect use of /run

Apologies for using -announce, but it's become apparent that there
are some packages mis-using /run, and this will break squeeze to
wheezy upgrades, and it's clear that some maintainers are not aware
of this.  mysql-5.5 is the package I'm aware of, but there may be
others, and this needs fixing or else you'll break things.

If you want to use /run, you must read

If you're using /var/run, please continue to use /var/run.  This path
is not going away, and it's the correct path to use.  You only *need*
to use /run if you start before /var is mounted.  Otherwise, ignore
the fact that they are the same location, it's just an implementation

/run does not exist in squeeze.  It's created by initscripts on
upgrade.  This means *it does not exist until initscripts is
configured*.  You can not use /run *at all* until initscripts is
configured.  Therefore if you do use it, you need a versioned Depends
on initscripts in your package.  This is all detailed in the reference

If your package is using /run and lacks a versioned dependency, you'll
need to either
1) Switch back to using /var/run (preferred)
2) Add a versioned initscripts dependency
You'll also potentially need to sort of the breakage, if possible or

In all cases, your package must not provide or create the /run
directory, or any files or directories under /run.  All of these will
cause breakage.

This requirement will be relaxed in wheezy+1, where /run will exist
at all times.  But until then, you need to follow the instructions
in the reference above.


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