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New archive key for wheezy generated


I just had the pleasure of generating a new key for the archive.

This key will *NOT* be put into use immediately, it has been generated
now so that it can already be included in Wheezy and in a future point
release of Squeeze. We will start using this key with one of:

 - the release of Wheezy
 - the expiry of the old key, 0x473041FA (2018-03-05)

whichever comes first.

The key data:
pub   4096R/46925553 2012-04-27 [expires: 2020-04-25]
uid                  Debian Archive Automatic Signing Key (7.0/wheezy) <ftpmaster@debian.org>
sig!3        46925553 2012-04-27  Debian Archive Automatic Signing Key (7.0/wheezy) <ftpmaster@debian.org>
sig!3        7E7B8AC9 2012-04-27  Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>
sig!3   P    B12525C4 2012-04-27  Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>
   Signature policy: string
   Signature policy: http://gpg.ganneff.de/policy.txt
sig!         A3AE44A4 2012-04-27  Michael O'Connor (stew) <stew@vireo.org>
sig!         CA1CF964 2012-04-27  Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org>
sig!         15B0FD82 2012-04-27  Mark Hymers <mhy@debian.org>
sig!         672C8B12 2012-04-28  Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org>

The key is available via http://ftp-master.debian.org/archive-key-7.0.asc and
should also be on all keyservers by now.

bye, Joerg
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