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Registration is open for DebConf12

Registration is now open for DebConf12, which will take place in
Managua, Nicaragua, from Sunday 8 July to Saturday 14 July 2012,
preceded as usual by one week of DebCamp, from Sunday 1 July to
Saturday 7 July.

To register, follow one of the processes outlined below:

- If you registered for a previous DebConf via Pentabarf, go to
  https://penta.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc12/person to login.
  DebConf has used Pentabarf since DebConf7 in 2007.

- If you have not registered for DebConf before, you will first need
  to create an account in the conference management system.  Use
  https://penta.debconf.org/penta/user to create your account. After
  visiting the activation URL sent to you by email, go to
  https://penta.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc12/person and log in.

After you have logged in

After you have successfully logged in, please fill in at least the
'General', 'Contact' and 'Travel' tabs reachable through the
'Registration details' button on the bar on the left of the
page. Please pay special attention to the 'DebConf' and 'DebCamp'
boxes on the 'General' tab. You need to select at least the "I want to
attend this conference" checkbox or your registration won't be valid.

Note to users who have a pre-existing account: we did our best to make
sure you do not have to enter all your personal data again, only the
conference-specific changes. However, please check carefully for
missing or outdated information.

We suggest that attendees begin making travel arrangements as soon as

See below for notes on applying for sponsored accommodation and food,
and for travel grants.  If you want to make it more likely that we
have enough sponsorship to pay for these this year, please consider
joining the DebConf fundraising team.

Airline discount

We have arranged an airfare discount for attendees with SkyTeam
through their Global Meetings program. Although you should not assume
that the best fare for you will be through SkyTeam Global Meetings, it
will be attractive for some attendees and is worth considering as part
of your booking efforts.

SkyTeam comprises 15 leading international airlines: Aeroflot,
Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China
Eastern, China Southern, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta, Kenya Airways,
KLM, Korean Air, Tarom and Vietnam Airlines serving more than 900
destinations in 173 countries with more than 14,500 flights daily.

The discount is available on most SkyTeam airlines for travel from 26
June until 20 July to and from the Managua, Nicaragua, airport (MGA)
for the purpose of attending DebConf12.

To see what SkyTeam Global Meetings can offer for your DebConf12
travel needs, go to http://www.skyteam.com/GlobalMeetings and enter
Event ID 2254S.

Travel grants

We hope to obtain enough sponsorship to help some people attend who
would not be able to pay for their own travel to DebConf.  We intend
to allocate travel grants by the end of May. If you would like to
apply for travel sponsorship, please fill in as much information as
you can on the registration pages. Even if you have not arranged your
travel when you apply for sponsorship, we need to know which days you
intend to spend at the conference.

So that we may use scarce sponsorship funds where they are most
needed, please pay as much of your own travel costs as you can afford,
and consider any savings available through SkyTeam Global Meetings
when pricing your flights for grant application purposes.

The deadline for sponsorship applications is 15 May.

DebCamp Attendance

DebCamp is a smaller, less formal event than the main conference,
giving an opportunity for group work on Debian projects. It will again
be held in the week before DebConf, from Sunday 1 till Saturday 7
July. In an effort to make DebCamp a little more organised we ask
everyone who wants to attend DebCamp to fill in an additional text
field describing their work plans for the DebCamp days.

Cost of attendance

As in previous years, we are providing a free registration option for
DebConf.  We will also do our best to offer sponsored accommodation
and food during the conference to those who apply for this before 15

There are two other registration options, "Professional" and
"Corporate".  The "Corporate" category, with a USD 1300 (EUR 1000)
registration fee is intended for those attending DebConf as
representatives of companies.  The "Professional" category, with a 650
USD registration fee, is intended for any individual or company who
wants to help the conference by paying the direct costs of their

We encourage all attendees to help making DebConf a success by
selecting the "Professional" or "Corporate" category.

It will only be possible to apply for food and accommodation grants
until 15 May.  Those registering after that date will need to pay the
"Professional" fee (USD 650 / EUR 500) if they wish to have their
accommodation arranged for them.

In the next few days, you will be able to find detailed information
regarding the venue where DebConf will be held, the hotels we will be
using, and other general practical information for entering and moving
inside Nicaragua as tourists in DebConf12's webpage:


Looking forward to welcoming you to Managua in July,

- the DebConf team

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