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New nm.debian.org site is up!


as promised in [1] and after meeting at [2] we finally have enough
functionality on the new nm.debian.org website implementation that we
can replace the old site. And we have done it.

This means that https://nm.debian.org is now LIVE with the new code!

There have been many long-due changes with the rewrite, here is a list
with a summary of what it means in practice.

 * The backend database has been fully redesigned

The new database can finally function as the main and authoritative
source of information about Debian membership, so now DAMs have proper
tools for their work. Also, we can finally have a proper, reliable
source of information on what is the status of people in the project.

Support for DMs and non-uploading DDs: the new DB can be used to track
progress for all sorts of status changes in Debian: none->DM, none->DD,
DM->DD, emeritus->DD, non-uploading->uploading, guest accounts, and
hopefully anything that will come up in the future. Note that this is
still not reflected in the interface.

Log-based progress tracking: instead of having fixed steps for progress
in NM like P&P or T&S, now there is a free-form log where one can enter
anything. That allows AMs to work more freely and to have a
finer-grained tracking of progress.

We should have managed a pretty decent conversion of data from the old
to the new database, but there could be artifacts: if you notice them,
please let us know.

Also, if you wonder why the interface shows that lots of work happened
at midnight, that is because the old database only supported dates,
while the new one supports timestamps, so the old dates all ended up
with timestamps at around midnight during the conversion.

 * New authentication system

The authentication is now done through Apache. As a start, we are
running on an htpasswd generated with the old AM passwords. But in the
future, we should be able to move to a system where you can just log in
nm.debian.org with your normal Debian (web) password. You should be
hearing more about this (and about what is a Debian web password) soon

 * https://nm.debian.org/am/amstatus/ (formerly amstatus.php) is now

For AMs, the big form to fill in with applicant status is gone, replaced
by a simple form that posts progress updates and text entries to the
process log.

There are handy shortcut buttons that will prefill the form for you, so
you get both convenience and examples on how it works.

The old, confusing 'approved=no' to mean 'on hold' is finally gone,
replaced by proper interface support for putting people on hold and

 * The "Join NM" interface is still missing

Sorry about that, it will come soon. For now you can join via email:
please see the checklist at https://nm.debian.org/

 * NM Committee definition changed

The NM CTTE definition changed from "AMs who approved someone in the
last 6 months" to "AMs that had an applicant become DD in the last 6
months". That is mostly for ease of computation.

It should not change much, but it's worth documenting. If you think this
is wrong for some good reason, let us know at nm.debian.org

 * https://nm.debian.org/public/nmstatus/ (formerly nmstatus.php) has
   less info than before

This is temporary. The log-based progress tracking lends itself to
having more sensitive information in the logs, which we don't feel we
should disclose publicly by default.

We're working on a way to give applicants a personal secret token they
can use to access the full version of the page.

 * URLs changed

We have set up redirects from the old pages to the new ones, although
some things just do not map. If this breaks links from pages like DDPO
or DDPortfolio, please get in touch and we can help crafting new links.

 * Helping with development

Following good Debian practices, the code for the new site is linked at
the bottom of every page; however because the nm database contains
sensitive information, we cannot provide a full database export one can
use to deploy a development version of the site locally.

We'll work on a mock database ASAP, though, which is also needed for
unit tests, so if you would like to play with the code, drop us a mail
and we'll get back to you when it is available.

We hope the transition won't be too rough for you: please use
debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org or nm@debian.org if you need help.

For Front Desk,

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2012/02/msg00051.html
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2012/03/de/Moenchengladbach
    many thanks to credativ for hosting and feeding us during the week-end!

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