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New DebConf Committee members

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help on the DebConf Committee
(both on-list and off-list).  We had a lot of well-qualified
volunteers, and have finally taken five new members onto the Committee.

Continuing members:

Andrew McMillan
Gunnar Wolf
Holger Levsen
Moray Allan

New members:

Ana Beatriz Guerrero López
Ana Carolina Comandulli
Bdale Garbee
Christian Perrier
Guido Trotter

Currently the only formal responsibility of the DebConf Committee is
over deciding venues for future DebConfs (including the DebConf13
venue decision, to be made soon), as set out in

However, I would hope that all Committee members, along with others,
feel a longer-term responsibility for DebConf, both during
preparations for a particular conference in a venue they helped to
select, and in ensuring in the longer term that the conferences
continue to be successful and positive for Debian.

While I'm posting beyond the DebConf lists, I'll mention that the
DebConf team is, as ever, looking for volunteers worldwide.  In
particular, we are urgently looking for people to help on the
fund-raising team.  As in any DebConf job, prior experience is useful,
but people who want to learn from scratch are also welcomed.  A fuller
list of DebConf roles can be found at

See you in Nicaragua,


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