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FOSDEM 2012 cross-distributions devroom

Hi all,

It's that time of the year again: FOSDEM organisation is firing up,
which means I get to ask for talks again.

As during the two previous years, Debian has been invited to participate
in the cross-distribution devroom. This means that talks will be held in
front of an audience not only consisting of people involved with Debian;
instead, the expected audience will consist of people from many
different distributions, as well as other people--regular FOSDEM
visitors. Still, there is no reason to assume that Debian-specific talks
will not be welcome. However, there won't be as much time for that as
there was before FOSDEM 2010.

Having said that,

People interested in holding a talk at FOSDEM are hereby invited to
submit a proposal. This should be done by sending a mail to the relevant
mailinglist (distributions@lists.fosdem.org, subscription required --
http://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo/distributions), containing the
following information:
- Title of the proposed talk,
- Abstract of the talk
- Name of the speaker
- Bio of the speaker
- Requested amount of time for the talk

Thanks, and see you at FOSDEM,

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the following formula:

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