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The archive now supports xz compression


The archive software now accepts packages using xz for compression in
addition to gzip and bzip2 for both source and binary packages.

Please remember that packages in the base system[1] (and dependencies)
*must* currently use gzip as otherwise debootstrap will be unable to
install a system.

Additionally please only use xz (or bzip2 for that matter) if your
package really profits from its usage (for example, it provides a
significant space saving). While those methods may compress better they
often use more CPU time to do so and a very small decrease in package
size is hardly worth the extra effort placed on slower systems. Think of
both user systems and the Debian buildds which will waste more time - an
especially bad problem on slower architectures.

Ansgar, for the FTP Team

1: Meaning everything with Priority: required.

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