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delegation for the backports team

Dear Developers,
  since a few months [1] the backports service [2] has become officially
supported by the Debian Project.  In the spirit of clarifying
responsibilities and resource access control within Debian, here is
(between dashed lines below) the long overdue delegation for the
backports team [3].

[1] http://www.debian.org/News/2010/20100905
[2] http://backports-master.debian.org
[3] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Backports


Backports Team delegation

I hereby appoint the following developers as members of the Backports

- Alexander Wirt  <formorer>
- Gerfried Fuchs  <rhonda>

Any previous Backports Team delegation, not explicitly listed above, is
revoked.  The delegation is not time-limited. It will be effective until
further changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

The Backports Team oversee and maintain the well-being of Debian's
backport service that allow Debian Developers to prepare backported
packages for Debian users. Members of the Backports Team are responsible
for tasks that include:

- Defining the policy for backports upload, in consultation with

- Running the archive infrastructure that powers the backports service,
  usually with the support of the FTP Masters.

- Accepting and rejecting NEW packages that enter the backports
  repository (AKA "NEW queue processing" for the backports service).

- Managing the keyring that control upload access to the backports
  service, performing tasks such as adding, removing, and updating keys.



- At the time of writing, the policy for backports upload is maintained
  at <http://backports-master.debian.org/Contribute/>

- More details on the activities of the Backports Team are available at

- If you want to help out the backports team and/or joining it, you're
  welcome to contact them at <team@backports.debian.org>

To conclude, please join me in thanking the Backports Team as well as
Joerg Jaspert for his support to the backports infrastructure on the FTP
Master side.

Stefano Zacchiroli -o- PhD in Computer Science \ PostDoc @ Univ. Paris 7
zack@{upsilon.cc,pps.jussieu.fr,debian.org} -<>- http://upsilon.cc/zack/
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