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Linux 3.0

As you may have seen, the next version of the Linux kernel will be 3.0
(or 3.0.0).  There is no significant API change; this just shortens the
version string and marks the start of the third decade of Linux.

The kernel team will not maintain linux-2.6 vs linux-3.0 packages.  We
will change the binary metapackages whose names include '2.6' into
transitional packages, to be removed after 'wheezy', and we may rename
the source packages linux-2.6 and linux-latest-2.6.

There are likely to be many programs and build scripts that test for a
kernel version prefix of '2.6' vs '2.4' and will behave incorrectly when
they find '3.0'.  Others require that there are at least 3 numeric
components in the version string, which may cease to be true.  If you
suspect that your packages may have such dependencies, please test
against Linux 3.0 release candidates when they are uploaded to
experimental (which will happen in the next few days).


Ben Hutchings
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

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