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'Alioth' status update

Hi everybody,

The host we knew and loved as alioth.debian.org is no more.

We are now running on two hosts, vasks.debian.org and wagner.debian.org.

The writable SCM repositories are hosted on vasks.debian.org, and DNS
has been updated to reflect that.  The fingerprints for the two hosts

2048 8c:c0:b8:9f:0a:79:ee:1c:77:c4:b8:a1:70:55:b7:31 vasks.debian.org (RSA)
2048 36:24:36:e2:99:44:8d:39:e1:d5:36:0b:e4:1d:5d:bd wagner.debian.org (RSA)

This information is also available in signed DNS, and also at
/etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts on any debian system.

Some bits of the infrastructure are still being bolted back together,
and we expect to send further status updates as they happen.

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