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Quick note on the perl transition


As some of you might have noticed, unstable is in the middle (or rather,
almost the end) of a transition from perl 5.10 to perl 5.12.  To make it
less boring, we're moving from eglibc 2.11 to eglibc 2.13 at the same
time.  What this means is that just about 500 packages need to be ready
to transition to testing at the same time.  An upload of any one of
these packages to unstable right now means that the counter for the
whole transition gets reset.

So, please:
- if you maintain a package that depends on perlapi-$version or
  libperl$version, don't upload it until you see perl 5.12 in testing.
  Packages that show up all red on [1] are exempted from this, assuming
  the upload fixes their RC bug(s).
- if you maintain a library that's used by any of the above packages,
  don't upload with shlibs, or symbols, or SONAME, bump until that's out
  of the way.

[1] http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/perl.html


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