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New Packages generator


as we announced in our meeting minutes[1] we implemented a new generator
for Packages and Sources files. Since then we had its output generated
into a location readable by the world, so everyone could check if it
works for them.

As we have received no notice of errors and as we also do not see
anything bad ourself, I just activated the new generator for the
archive. Starting with the next dinstall run in a few minutes all
Packages and Sources files[2] will be generated using the new tool.

As we already noted in our meeting minutes, there is one difference in
the files that you might notice: The order of the fields within one
entry is different. This should not create any trouble with compliant
822 parsers, as order does not matter, but in case you do some weird
parsing on your own relying on any special order you might want to check
it still does what you expect.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2011/03/msg00015.html
[2] Obviously that means not "untouchable" suites. stable/oldstable only
    get updates during point release time. If we switch to the new tool
    there or not is a call for the SRMs to make at that time.

bye, Joerg
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