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Call for help with DebConf fundraising (meeting 24 March, 20 UTC)


DebConf fundraising meeting on Thursday 24 March, at 20:00 UTC
 in #debconf-team
 on irc.debian.org

Debian Conference depends, every year, on sponsors to make DebConf a success. In
past years thanks to them, DebConf has been able to provide accommodation and
food to many attendees and to provide help with travel costs.

Debian Conference fundraising needs more help with the work of raising money
from sponsors (your employer for instance), to make this year's DebConf as
successful as those in the past.  You don't need to have done this kind of work
before, only some time for the job and enthusiasm for explaining why Debian and
DebConf are important.  Even passing Debian sponsorship brochure on to a few
contacts you know will help.

Please join the meeting to find out more!

If you are reading this and you or your company would like to sponsor DebConf,
please email sponsors@debconf.org and read DC11 brochure and sponsorship
opportunities and benefits:

Best regards,
 -- Debconf Team

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