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Archive shutdown


well, not shutdown really, but now I should have your attention. :)

As you should have noticed reading the -devel or the -project list,
there is that Debian FTPMaster beer-signing and archive breaking going
on this week. During most of that we will have the archive turned off
and manually process packages, probably, once a day. Which means, for
this week you shouldn't expect as quick a reply from the archive as you
might be used too.

As I just wrote, we *try* to have a daily run processing packages, and we
try to let the release team get a britney run done once daily too. This
just happened today too (also for a slightly different reason related to
a squeeze update), and I just processed 399 changes files with 6.3gb of

If you want to know what happens during the week you might want to
follow my blog (directly or via planet), I intend to do a daily post
about or work. You might also lurk in #debian-ftp on irc.debian.org,
which should get at least notices about general breakage^Wprocessing of
packages, ie I hint there when a new batch flows in. :)

bye, Joerg
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