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Bit from the SRMs: the "stable-updates" suite


With the release of Squeeze, a new suite is available on all mirrors of
the Debian archive.  This suite is known as "stable-updates" and
replaces the "volatile" archive which was used in previous releases.

The suite contains a subset of the packages available via the
"proposed-updates" suite which many users may wish to be able to install
without having to cherry-pick them or wait for the next point release.
Such updates will be uploaded to "proposed-updates" as normal, and then
optionally pushed to "stable-updates" by the SRMs with an announcement
being sent to "debian-stable-announce@lists.debian.org".

The criteria used to add packages to "stable-updates" will be:

 * The update is urgent and not of a security nature.  Security updates
   will continue to be pushed through the security archive.  Examples
   include packages broken by the flow of time (c.f. spamassassin and
   the year 2010 problem) and fixes for bugs introduced by point
 * The package in question is a data package and the data must be
   updated in a timely manner (e.g. tzdata).
 * Fixes to leaf packages that were broken by external changes (e.g.
   video downloading tools and tor).
 * Packages that need to be current to be useful (e.g. clamav).

If you believe that your update meets the above criteria, please contact
the Release Team as usual via debian-release@lists.debian.org,
mentioning that you think the update should also be pushed via

The first update has already been added to the suite - "clive", in order
to resolve an issue with the retrieval of some YouTube videos.  An
update for "tzdata", in order to include changes to Chile's DST which
take affect over this weekend, is planned to be added later today.


Adam, for the SRMs

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