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DebConf chairs delegation

As anticipated in the past DPL bits, I hereby formalize the delegation
of DebConf chairs, as part of the ongoing effort in clarifying the
relationships between the Debian Project and DebConf organization.

Text delegation follows and will eventually appear at


I hereby delegate the following people as "DebConf chairs":

- Holger Levsen   <holger>
- Moray Allan     <moray>
- Gunnar Wolf     <gwolf>

The main responsibility of the DebConf chairs is to act as a liaison
between the Debian Project and the DebConf organization. In that
capacity, the chairs will be responsible to the Project for the
organization of DebConf and how Debian resources (e.g. money, but also
the "Debian" name) are used to that end.

DebConf organization itself does not need to change in response to this
new delegation and the informal DebConf team is free, as it has always
been, to establish its own structures and decision mechanisms. The
chairs are expected to help the team in establishing those things and to
break decision ties if and when they occur.


Please join me in thanking Holger, Moray, Gunnar, as well as the DebConf
team as a whole, for their efforts in DebConf organization.


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