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squeeezy - wheezy ready for development


As you may already know, Squeeze has now become the domain of the Stable
Release Managers; in other words, we've released!  This was the first
Debian release which was accompanied by a live commentary on

There are too many people who need to be thanked for their work on
getting us to this point to list them all individually, and we'd be sure
to miss some.  Nevertheless, we'd like to particularly thank the
installer team, the buildd and ftp teams, the CD team, the press team,
the webmasters, the Release Notes editors, porters and all the package
maintainers and translators who have contributed to making Squeeze a
great release of which we can all be proud.

First point release

The first point release for Squeeze is planned for approximately a month
from now, probably to coincide with ftp-master's recently announced

As always, please co-ordinate fixes which you would like to see included
in the point release with the Stable Release Team via
debian-release@lists.debian.org, including a debdiff of the current and
proposed source packages.

Onwards with Wheezy

The release of Squeeze also means that you can now upload to unstable
those changes you've been holding off during the freeze.  Please don't
rush to upload everything all at once, in order to reduce load on the
buildds, etc.  Automatic testing migration is not yet re-enabled, but
will be during the next day or so.

As with Squeeze, we'd ask that you co-ordinate particularly large
transitions or changes; if your plans involve major toolchain changes or
otherwise have the potential to cause problems in unstable for a long
time (e.g. due to FTBFS issues), please talk to us.  We know that
there's a large number of changes which have been waiting for the
release to happen and we're keen not to stand in the way of those but
would also like to avoid a number of larger transitions becoming

In terms of expected larger changes, the upload of KDE 4.6 to the
archive is anticipated in early March, the Ocaml team would like to move
to a new upstream version and GNOME 3 is due for release in April.  The
GNOME team is already staging packages in experimental but this is a
major upstream release and will certainly lead to its fair share of
disruption when it hits unstable.

That's it for this mail; now it's time for the celebrations to begin,
whether at a Release Party[PARTY] or otherwise. :-)

Adam, Neil, and your Debian Squeeze Release Team

[IC] http://identi.ca/debian
[PARTY] http://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartySqueeze

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