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delegation for the summer of code admins

Dear all,
  Google Summer of Code program (GSoC) [1] has been announced again for
2011 and we are going to participate like we did in the past.  This
year, we have some new volunteers as (co-)admins for Debian
participation in the program.

GSoC admins coordinate Debian participation, interact with the students
who are often new to Debian, and indirectly deal with the money who are
used to sponsor the initiative. It is a role of responsibility and
involves representing Debian in various ways. I'm therefore pleased to
properly delegate the role to this year GSoC admins; see delegation text
reported below.

I'm confident we will hear back soon from the GSoC admins about how we
can help. In the meantime you can start thinking at your project
proposal to both improve Debian and reach out to new contributors.


[1] http://www.google-melange.com/


GSoC 2011 Delegation

I hereby appoint the following developers as admins for Debian
participation into Google Summer of Code Program 2011 (GSoC admins):

- Ana Guerrero    <ana>
- Obey Arthur Liu <arthurliu>
- Sylvestre Ledru <sylvestre>

The delegation is time limited: it will be effective until the end of
the program (currently scheduled for October 23rd, 2011) or the end of
2011, whichever occurs first.

Task Description

GSoC admins coordinate the participation of Debian in the Google Summer
of Code program, edition 2011. GSoC admins are responsible for tasks
that include:

- keep the Debian community informed about the status of Debian
  participation into the GSoC program

- act as a contact point before Google for all topics that concern
  Debian participation into the GSoC program

- establish rules about who can apply for the various roles envisaged by
  the GSoC program

- rank student applications, by taking into account the feedback given
  by mentors and other reviewers


I'd like to thank the volunteer admins above, everyone who has worked to
help Debian participation into past editions of GSoC, as well as the
people who pinged me about the need of starting to think about GSoC


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