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Join the DebConf team


The DebConf team is busy working on DebConf11, and we are about to
begin many months of non-stop work to make it happen.  We'd like to
invite you to join the DebConf team and help make the best DebConf

DebConf is a huge process, and there are many things we could use help
on.  People come and go, and are usually overworked after a year or
two -- so we would love new people to get involved.  If you have new
ideas, we'd love to hear about them and we can discuss if they'd work
and how to make them happen. And by the way, if you are looking for a
good way to get involved with Debian and don't know where to start,
this might be among the best options!

Some areas which we can use help are listed below.  For some of the
areas, we usually have leaders (doing the primary coordination with
us) and committee members (who help process and rate submissions).

* Talks/scheduling team - select talks, organize tracks and related
  - leaders and committee members who rate people.
* Registration team - handle registration and financial details
* Room assignments
* Sponsorship team - help fundraise (everyone can help pass on the
  sponsorship brochure to their contacts)
* Travel sponsorship - review requests for travel sponsorship and
  allocate this money
  - leaders and committee members who research applicants
* Budgeting and financial tracking team(s)
* Video team

A bigger list of teams, and place to add your name, is here:

On 25th January 2011, at 20:00 UTC, we will have a meeting on
#debconf-team (OFTC) to plan out our teams for DebConf11.  We invite you to
attend this meeting to get added to learn about the teams, and
hopefully join where you would like.

You can also join #debconf-team or mail
debconf-team@lists.debconf.org, introduce yourself, and let us know
what are you'd like to help with.  We'll explain what is involved and
connect you with the resources, and a mentor/teammate from past years,
needed to get started.  For some more details, see

Thank you,

- Richard

Richard Darst
On behalf of the DebConf team

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