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Debian participating in Google Code-in 2010, we need your help!


Debian is participating in the Google code-in [1] program as mentoring
organization. This means from now until 10th January, pre-university
students (ages 13-18), will be contributing to Debian, trying to complete
different tasks.

You can watch the list of Debian tasks at:
(You will need to filter by Organization: Debian)

The students sign in to that interface to claim tasks and interact (optionally)
with their mentors. The interface is also used by the mentors to mark tasks
as completed.

We need your help:
* suggesting tasks (tasks should generally be detailed, minimizing preliminary
research work students need to do)
* mentoring students in the tasks you suggested, or in general
* joining #debian-soc and helping students there
* latest, and not less important, being nice to our young students when
they ask stuff in random mailing lists or IRC.

For mentoring students in the tasks you suggested, you need to use the web
interface, so you can 'accept' the task when the students finish them
and occasionally answer questions if the students choose to use the web

You do not need to use the web interface for the everyday work of mentoring
students. You can help students via IRC in the #debian-soc channel; help there
would be *very* welcome from all Debian contributors.
There are a lot of students from all timezones asking questions in IRC,
so I repeat, we *need* help, even if you are not an official mentor or
Debian Developer.

If you have any questions, you want to suggest a task, or you want to help
with mentoring in general, please send an email to our  mailing list so it
does not get lost:

Ana Guerrero,
on behalf of the Debian GSoC/GCI team

[1] http://code.google.com/opensource/gci/2010-11/index.html
and http://wiki.debian.org/GoogleCodeIn2010

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