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delegation for the Debian auditors

I'm happy to announce that Martin Michlmayr has volunteered to help out
with the job of Debian Auditor. Hence we now have a Debian Auditor
*team* formed by Martin and Luk Claes. Below you can find a
comprehensive delegation for the two of them.


Debian Auditor delegation

I hereby delegate:

- Martin Michlmayr (tbm)
- Luk Claes (luk)

as the Debian Auditors.

The delegation is not time-limited. It will be effective until further
changes by present or future DPLs.

Job Description

The Debian Auditors:

- keep track of Debian project financial assets, income, expenditures
  and any other financial information

- keep track of hardware resources and any other physical assets of the
  Debian project

- keep track of domain names, trademarks, and any other intangible
  assets of the Debian project

- periodically publish public reports about changes in assets and
  resources including (but not limited to): money coming in via
  donations, money being spent with DPL approval, new hardware bought,

- keep track of organizations holding assets in trust for Debian and
  propose to the DPL changes in the list of trusted organization (as per
  Constitution §5.1.11 and §9.3)


All the above information, with a reference to the present delegation,
will shortly be available at <http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Auditor>. The
wiki page also contains indexes of organization holding assets on behalf
of Debian and links to their report. If you want to help out, please
contact the auditors via email at <auditor@debian.org>.

Thanks Martin and Luk for volunteering,
happy accounting!

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