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Bit from the Release Team: Status of hppa


As previously announced[1], hppa is no longer a release architecture for

What does this mean in practical terms?  As of the next britney run, the
architecture will be ignored for the purposes of testing migration -
packages which are otherwise ready (and unblocked) may migrate to
testing even if they have not built on hppa, or if they would create
installability problems in testing on hppa.

Additionally, any bug which is specific to the hppa architecture is no
longer considered release-critical.

The status of hppa in unstable is unchanged; it will continue to be
supported by the buildd network as now.  There will also continue to be
hppa packages in testing for now to allow the porters to explore
possible options for a separate release of Squeeze for hppa; as
mentioned above, these may not be in-sync with the other architectures
in some cases.


(for the Release Team)

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2010/08/msg00277.html

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