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Merkel going away


merkel.debian.org, aka nm.debian.org, qa.debian.org, etc., has become
increasingly unstable over the past few months.  Due to upcoming changes
in the hosting for all the machines hosted at Fort Collins, we have
decided to ask the hoster to leave it turned off when they move the
other machines.

We have begun communicating with the affected teams about moving their
services to alternate machines.  The projectb mirror/ftp mirror will be
relocated in the near future to ries.

Merkel also hosts a developer accessible mirror of the bug tracking
system.  We currently are not aware if the BTS maintainers want to
re-create such a service elsewhere.  All of the BTS machines
(bugs-master: busoni, and the mirrors duarte and lindberg) are
accessible to DDs anyway.  That access can be used if people want to
learn how the BTS works or is set up.  We expect people not to abuse
this access by running expensive queries against the data without first
coordinating such actions with DSA and owner@bugs.

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