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PGP v3 support dropped from Debian keyring

As announced that the end of April[0] we have dropped support for v3
keys from the Debian keyring. At present this means debian-keyring.pgp
still exists, but is an empty file. Once we have confirmation from DSA +
FTP master that they have updated any scripts referencing
debian-keyring.pgp we will look at removing it altogether.

This change affects the following 17 DDs; if your name is not on this
list you shouldn't notice anything different:

0x225FD911CD269B31 Carlos Barros <cbf>
0x31E73F14E298966D James R. Van Zandt <jrv>
0x366CD3FEEBC11B01 Chris Waters <xtifr>
0x37A73FE355E8BC4D Frederic Lepied <lepied>
0x3E973117DCC528E9 Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo>
0x5C7A46637953F711 Rich Sahlender <rsahlen>
0x5D6560F85F30F005 Craig Brozefsky <craig>
0x6B0E322836129171 Jim Westveer <jwest>
0x723724B4A5B6DD31 Christian Meder <meder>
0x8FFC405EFD5A67CD Adam Di Carlo <aph>
0xC1A0A171C2DCD3B1 Jim Mintha <jmintha>
0xC3168EBA23F5ADDB Ian Jackson <iwj>
0xCE951B1160D74C7D Patrick Cole <ltd>
0xE82A8B0D57137FE5 Paul Seelig <pseelig>
0xF20E242CE77AC835 Brian White <bcwhite>
0xFBAA570C3087194D Alan Bain <afrb2>
0xFFD1B4AC7C19FD19 David Engel <david>

The above will no longer be able to perform any action within Debian
that relies on their PGP signature, such as uploading packages or voting
in elections/GRs.

We urge any developer listed above to generate a new key, get it signed
by other DDs and then contact us so that we can perform a key
replacement for them.  Rule for replacement are available at [1]. If you
are no longer active within Debian then please resign cleanly from the
project by mailing -private as per the developer's reference.


[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/04/msg00018.html
[1] http://keyring.debian.org/replacing_keys.html

If I hold really still maybe all of this will just go away.

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