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mipsel buildd status update


for mips, there is nothing new: still the same issues as last month, but
still "works good enough".

For mipsel, things have improved dramatically:

rem is working again. The issue was the both the cpu and the psu fan were
broken. Florian Lohoff fixed them for us. As unstable is fully built, rem
is working on the backport-packages.

The Longsoon-machines can now be used to build unstable, as Matthias Klose
has backported the relevant binutils-patch with the workaround for the
silicon level bug, and also gcc was changed to use that workaround by
default. We're running both an 2e and 2f machine, and both machines seem to
be pretty stable as of now; however using the right code the bug can of
course still be triggered. As it happens, these machines build experimental
while unstable is empty.

All of our needed kernel patches are as of now at least in the mips pull
tree for linus (that's way better than it used to be - some of the patches
were sent for inclusion after we run them successfully), but some might
only be part of 2.6.35.


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