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Release update: transitions status and freeze, RC-bugs


This is the next in a (hopefully more frequent) series of
updates from the Release Team.


The good news is that we've recently finished the Qt4, tracker, libao
and gnome-desktop transitions and updated the Boost packages to switch
the default version of the libraries to be 1.42 in Squeeze.

The KDE team have started uploading KDE 4.4 to unstable over the past
few days to allow us to release Squeeze with as up-to-date as possible
and stable version of that suite of software.  We're also close to
completing the evince / totem-pl-parser transition, which means we're
well on the way to have GNOME 2.30 in squeeze.

The directfb transition is still ongoing and currently waiting for a
number of FTBFS issues in jack-audio-connection-kit to be resolved.  We
remain hopeful that we can finish this transition soon.

There are a number of other transitions either ongoing - including
netcdf, vtk - or which have yet to start.  Amongst others we are aware
of plans to update icu, apt, and evolution for the Squeeze release.

Release Critical bugs

Even though the descending slope of the RC bug graph is pretty
impressive [1], we still have about 400 RC bugs in Squeeze.  Some of
them are waiting for packages to transition from unstable to testing,
but there's still a large number which need working on.

On this every DD can help out by NMUing packages which are currently
affected by RC bugs.  Please remember that releasing is a collective
effort and it is not enough to just have your own packages RC-bug free
(although it's a good start) to be able to release. So, if you can help,
please choose an RC bug from [2], fix it :-) and NMU it, possibly
to the DELAYED queue so that the maintainer can react if needed.

  [1] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/
  [2] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/debian/all.html


Some transitions are either taking longer to be finished in unstable
than was expected, or unable to transition to testing due to becoming
tied together with other transitions.  We have also not yet been able to
schedule the move to Python 2.6 as the default Python version for Squeeze,
mainly due to the still outstanding python2.6-related bugs.  Your help
is much appreciated on this: have a look at the current list of such bugs
[3] and please help out with them by sending patches, NMU-ing, or the like.

  [3] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=python2.6;users=debian-python@lists.debian.org

Due to the rate of change in unstable, it's not easy at the moment to
accurately estimate when we might be able to freeze.  In order to help us
keep a clearer picture of which changes still need to occur before we can
freeze, we will be introducing a "transition freeze" before the end of this
month.  If you have not yet discussed your transition with the Release Team,
please ensure that you have done so before May 21st.

for the Release Team

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