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buildd.debian.org service moved

Dear fellow developers,

on Saturday we took the downtime of ftp-master as an opportunity to move
the buildd.debian.org service from cimarosa to grieg.  cimarosa, the old
machine, was heavily I/O-constrained due to a missing battery-backed
cache.  grieg, donated by Nordic Gaming and hosted by GRNET in Greece,
should be more powerful, both I/O- and CPU-wise.  Due to the missing
ftp-master we were not yet able to do much performance measuring, though.

The new machine is as unrestricted login-wise as the old one.  If you are
used to query wanna-build on cimarosa, there is one important change,
though: due to no longer provided symlinks in /usr/local/bin you need to
amend your PATH to include /srv/buildd.debian.org/path-bin.  We apologize
for the inconvenience caused by this change.

We also thank DSA for their quick and professional support in moving the

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
for the wanna-build team

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