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Hardware trouble ries.debian.org - ftpmaster.debian.org / release.d.o services disabled


just a short notice for everyone out there who wants to upload or waits
for a package migration to testing:

ries.debian.org, the host behind ftp-master.debian.org, has hardware
trouble, a failed memory module keeps resetting the machine at random

A replacement is in progress, but as it happened multiple times already
and this very much likes to destroy files we are just going to write, a
fact none of us likes, we decided to turn off all FTPMaster and
Release-team related cronjobs to avoid more breakage.

Additionally DSA changed the DNS for our upload queue
ftp.upload.debian.org to point to a different machine. This means you
can safely upload, those packages will not be lost, only their
processing will be delayed until ries is stable again.

Will send a notice when service is back to normal.

bye, Joerg
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