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RFH: DebConf 10 Travel Sponsorship Team

In the spirit of openness, the DebConf 10 Organizers are soliciting
volunteers for the DebConf 10 Travel Sponsorship team.

In an ideal world, anyone who requested DebConf travel sponsorship would receive
it.  Unfortunately, we do not have the unlimited budget required to make
that possible.  The travel sponsorship team is tasked with the difficult
decision of determining where to allocate travel sponsorship funds
as they become available.  Sponsorship requests are typically assessed
on criteria such as:

 * Involvement in Debian (and/or DebConf organization)
 * Amount of sponsorship requested relative to other requests from 
   similar geographic locations

We'd like to make the travel sponsorship selection process as fair as
possible.  As such, we're soliciting volunteers from the broader Debian
community rather than filling the team with DebConf organizers.

Ideal candidates for the team have both available time and are well
connected in the Debian web of trust -- while not essential, high
connectivity in the web of trust probably indicates familiarity with
a broader range of potential DebConf attendees.

The team will utilize a rating system within Pentabarf to each rank
sponsorship applicants based on criteria decided by the team.  Once these
ratings have been completed, a meeting will be held on IRC to
agree on the list of people who will initially be offered travel sponsorship
(dependent on the availability of funds).  An overview of the process from 
previous years is available [1].

If you'd like to volunteer for the team, please e-mail
debconf-team@lists.debconf.org now to express your interest.  We're looking
for 10 team members to start work soon.

Michael Schultheiss
For the DebConf Travel Sponsorship Team and Organizers


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