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Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze?

Dear fellow developers,

we all want to get out squeeze as soon as possible.  Currently we are
still at 400 bugs concerning the next stable release, with 300 of them not
yet fixed in unstable.

We would like to know what needs attention, what bugs still need to be
fixed in your package before squeeze is released, which features or new
upstream versions you want to see in squeeze which are not ready yet.
Furthermore we would like to get an overview of the remaining transitions
that need to be done.

It would be great if every team on track could send us a short mail to
debian-release@lists.debian.org and if every team that still faces work
could write up a corresponding bug report filed against release.debian.org,
preferably with proper blocked by[1] annotations if bugs are filed for the
issues at hand.  Like this our progress is publically trackable, maybe
even motivating besides the high RC bug count.  Please file the bugs at
normal severity, the Release Team will prioritise them afterwards.

If you think that your package is not ready for squeeze yet, please
document that in a RC bug against your package and file a bug for removal
from testing against release.debian.org.  Of course it will trickle in by
itself as soon as all RC bugs are closed and we are not in freeze yet.

Some documentation about filing bugs against release.debian.org[2],
especially about the usertags used on that pseudo-package could be found
on [3].  If in doubt just file the bug and we will tag it accordingly.

Core components

From a current point of view squeeze will release with kernel 2.6.32,
eglibc 2.11, Python 2.6, X11R7.5, Gnome 2.30, qt 4.6 and KDE 4.4.

Transitions we already know about

* eglibc 2.11 needs uploading to unstable.
* The python, liblo, opencv and imagemagick transitions are currently
  worked on.
* The mpi-defaults, directfb, parted, boost and qt4.6 transitions
  are queued up afterwards.
* Migration of the graphical installer from directfb to Xorg.

Kind regards and thanks for your attention,
Philipp Kern
for the Debian Release Team

[1] http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control#block
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/release.debian.org
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2009/09/msg00005.html

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