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FOSDEM 10 videos now available

Video recordings from the Distribution Developer Rooms at FOSDEM 10 are
now available at <http://video.debian.net/2010/fosdem10/>.  All but two
talks were recorded and are available in Ogg Theora+Vorbis format, in
low-bandwidth (~300 kbit/s) and high-bandwidth (~1.5 Mbit/s) versions.

These recordings should also be available later on the FOSDEM YouTube

Video and audio were recorded by Dominique Dumont (H.1302) and the
DebConf video team (H.1308) with the assistance of some additional
volunteers.  Thanks to everyone involved in recording, and thanks also
to the speakers and the organisers of FOSDEM.

The talks covered are: 

Hermes Message Dispatching (Klaas Freitag)
YaST - Future Roadmap (Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett)
The Maemo Community Council: a case-study in governance (Dave Neary)
MirrorBrain (Peter Poeml)
Fedora Governance (Max Spevack)
Infrastructure round table (Ralph Angenendt)
Distribution HR management (Petteri Räty)
bootchart2 (Michael Meeks)
Mobile distributions and upstream challenges (Andrew Savory)
Translations of package descriptions (Anne Nicolas)
Working with GNOME upstream (Vincent Untz)
Fedora-fr and upstream French communities (Armel Kermovant)
How to be a good upstream (Petteri Räty)
Spacewalk: Linux Systems Lifecycle Management (Marcus Moeller, Sandro Mathys)
Linux distribution for the cloud (Peter Eisentraut)
Packaging perl and CPAN modules (Gabor Szabo)
The youri project (Guillaume Rousse)
Config::Model and configuration upgrades during package upgrade (Dominique Dumont)
Cross-distro packaging experience with the openSUSE Buildservice (Adrian Schroeter)
NixOS' configuration system (Nicolas Pierron)
Shared libraries in Debian (Sune Vuorela)
Cross distro packaging with (top)git (Thomas Koch)
Cross-distro dependency resolution: reusing solvers among distros (Stefano Zacchiroli)
RPM packaging collaboration (Pavol Rusnak)
Debian and Ubuntu (Lucas Nussbaum)
Transactionally Protected Package Management (Jeff Johnson)
Distribution Image building with KIWI (Christopher Hofmann)
Continuous Packaging with Project-Builder.org (Bruno Cornec)
Dracut - a generic, modular initramfs generation tool (Harald Hoyer)
Debian Secrets: power tools for power users (Wouter Verhelst)

Full descriptions of these talks are linked from the video index page.


Ben Hutchings
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