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Misc developer news (#21)

The news are collected on http://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews
Please contribute short news about your work/plans/subproject.

In this issue:
 + DEHS, watching 10 000 packages
 + Conversion of source packages to 3.0 (quilt/native)
 + DEHS now supports format 3.0 source packages
 + userdir-ldap mail gateway updated
 + piuparts.d.o

DEHS, watching 10 000 packages

 As of the time of writing, DEHS is only 45 watch files away from the
 10000 milestone!. Out of them, only 7480 packages are up to date with
 regard to upstream. Check the stats[1] for more details.

 Have you considered helping fix some of the over 815 failing watch
 files[2]? or adding one to your own packages?

  -- Raphael Geissert

 [1] http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/stats.html
 [2] http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/no_upstream.html

Conversion of source packages to 3.0 (quilt/native)

  * I requested some new lintian tags related to this transition (see
    #566820[3]). With the availability of multiple source formats, it's
    now recommended to always be explicit about the desired source format
    and thus to always provide a debian/source/format file. When you
    select the format, you should usually pick either "3.0 (quilt)" or
    "3.0 (native)" unless you have a reason to continue using the old
    "1.0" format.
  * With the release of Debian 5.0.4, dpkg-dev in stable has been updated
    to version 1.14.28. Thus it's now possible to use dashes in the
    "component name" of additional upstream tarballs. Source packages
    unpacked by dpkg-source from this version are also fully quilt
    compatible even when quilt is not installed at unpack time. This means
    that even old buildd — provided that they have installed the latest
    stable updates — will now cope with usage of quilt in debian/rules.
  * More than 1000 source packages[4] are already using the new source
    formats "3.0 (quilt)" and "3.0 (native)". Have you updated your own
    packages already?

  -- Raphaël Hertzog

 [3] http://bugs.debian.org/566820
 [4] http://upsilon.cc/~zack/stuff/dpkg-v3/

DEHS now supports format 3.0 source packages

 Although support for format 3.0 source packages on DEHS was not expected
 to be added until DEHS2 was released, thanks to a contributed patch they
 are now supported.

 Kudos to Didier Raboud for the patch!

  -- Raphael Geissert

userdir-ldap mail gateway updated

 db.debian.org's mail gateway has been updated to support the export of
 ssh keys to only a subset of debian.org machines. This can be done by
 prepending "allowed_hosts=fqdn1,fqdn2 " to the ssh public key. For more
 information read the mail gateway instructions[5].

  -- Martin Zobel-Helas

 [5] http://db.debian.org/doc-mail.html


 RFH: Help is needed for filing bugs based on the available piuparts
 logfiles, as well as for fixing them! Currently piuparts has found more
 then 500 policy violating packages (in more then 19000 binary packages)
 but only about 60 have been submitted as open bugs, though at the time of
 writing 28 are serious (usually easy ones, I believe). The bug filing
 efforts have concentrated on the important policy violations so far.

 Patches for the existing bugs filed against piuparts would also be very
 much appreciated! The BTS has some very nice ideas how to improve
 piuparts usefulness (and usability) even more!

 It is planned to reorganize the piuparts tests being done: at the moment
 there is a sid test (for installation, removal and purge in sid) and one
 (called squeeze) that installs the lenny version of the package in lenny,
 then upgrades to squeeze, removes and purges and then does those tests in
 squeeze alone. The plan is to switch this to do sid, squeeze and
 lenny2squeeze, so the same tests but in three (instead of two different)
 setups. Then the test failure for not so serious policy violations, like
 files existing after purge, can be disabled for lenny2squeeze and
 squeeze, and enabled for sid. In the general the tests in sid should be
 the most pedantic, less pedantic in squeeze and quite relaxed for
 lenny2squeeze tests. I hope to have this setup ready for when the squeeze
 freeze begins, ideally earlier.

 Until this has happened, if you want to see more packages tested with the
 current setup, fix #527063 ([shared-mime-info] owned and unowned files
 after purge).

 As final words, I like to emphasize that this is not about making
 piuparts happy, but about complying to policy, which will make users
 happy, as there are real world benefits. Fails to install is an obvious
 one, but think DEBCONF_FRONTEND=non-interactive also, which is used in
 millions of automated installs.

  -- Holger Levsen

Raphaël Hertzog

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