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buildd backlog on mips and mipsel


as some of you noticed there is currently some backlog on both mips
architectures. This is due to a couple of reasons, like we have rather
aged hardware, and lots of uploads currently. Also some are more
specific, like we had one mips buildd which a bad upload connectivity;
this is fixed now, but at the price of about 60 hours no buildd which
we need to pay.

For both mips and mipsel there is new hardware upcoming. For mipsel we
have new Loongson 2E machines, but no stable kernel yet (see mails on
debian-mips). For mips we have Octeones, but there is some porting
needed as well. The new hardware will be faster. If you want to help
here, you are welcome - but this is quite mips*-specific of course.
(We don't need "more" hardware - we just need to get our hardware

Also please don't ping us because your package hasn't been built yet.
We know that about the backlog, but we don't have magic to use here.
If your upload is very urgent like an important security fix or needed
for a transition, please speak with the security or release team.


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