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Panamá MiniDebConf 2010 - March

Hi Everyone, 

I'm pleased to announce that we will be arranging a MiniDebConf starting on 19/Mar/2010
ending on 21/Mar/2010 on Panamá City[0]

This event is organized by «Software Libre Centroamerica» a group of 
Free Software Enthusiasts [1] and a strong Panamá local community

[0] http://minidebconf.debian.org.sv/
[1] http://sl-centroamerica.org

The event will be hosted at "Ciudad del Saber", at this time we have about 50
attendants registered from Central America, México, Venezuela, Ecuador and

There are about 6 DDs already registered, also some Maintainers and some people
that are already on the NM queue.

The idea behind this is help out new people to contribute on the Debian
Project.(We need fresh blood :) )

At this time we have an small Agenda[2] with some talks, a KSP and a BSP 

[2] http://softwarelibre.ca/wiki/MiniDebconf2010/Agenda

If you want to know more about this event please visit the wiki[3], at this time
all the info is only available in Spanish.

[3] http://softwarelibre.ca/wiki/MiniDebconf2010


René Mayorga

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