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Hello World,

Those of you who've been reading the -events-eu mailinglist will already
know this, but for those of you who don't:

Debian (or any other Linux distribution, for that matter) will not
receive a devroom at the next FOSDEM. The reasons for this are manifold,
but the main reason is lack of space. Instead, the FOSDEM organizers are
organizing a "distribution miniconference" that we've been invited to
participate in.

To get the full details, please see
<http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2009/10/msg00001.html>, with
the note that this mail talks about "fleshing out the details", when
what they were asking was really for people to propose talks.

For those of you who were waiting for a call for talks from me on this
subject, it's not really coming. However, if you think your talk may be
of some interest to people working on distributions (Debian or
non-Debian), your talk should be welcome.

Regards, and see you at FOSDEM,

The biometric identification system at the gates of the CIA headquarters
works because there's a guard with a large gun making sure no one is
trying to fool the system.

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