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Lintian based autorejects


we are turning on lintian based autorejects within the next few days.
This means that packages failing a defined set of lintian tags will no
longer be accepted into the archive, but get rejected immediately.
This should help to get rid of the worst policy violations before
wasting time and resources of other people.

Those automated rejects will only be done on sourceful uploads to
unstable and experimental.

As there are certain lintian tags that should only appear in very rare
cases we have created two categories. The first is named "warning", tags
listed here *can* be overriden by the maintainer using the normal
lintian override mechanism. Of course this should only be done if you
have a technically sound reason why your package needs to break in such a

The second category is named "error" and the tags listed can not be
overridden. Those are tags corresponding to packaging errors serious
enough to mark a package unfit for the archive and should never happen.
In fact, most of the tags listed do not appear in our archive
currently, the few packages listed below should be easily fixable with
their next upload.

We will provide a static url for the list of tags soon, for now you can
look at them using [1].

There are multiple files in [2] showing you the packages affected,
together with the tags they hit.

[1] http://ftp-master.debian.org/~joerg/lintian/lintian.tags
[2] http://ftp-master.debian.org/~joerg/lintian/

For future handling: If we are adding tags to the list that will hit
more than a few packages we will send a notice to the d-d-a list.

If you think we should add tags or categorize them differently, feel
free to mail us at ftpmaster@debian.org.

bye, Joerg
> But i don't think that we talk a lot, as far as i can see, you live in
> the USA.
Australia. Only minor details like timezone and hemisphere but pretty
much the same. TZ is UTC+10 

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