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Mail forwarding for @debian.org

Hello all,

Since roughly forever, there has been an accidental conflation between
@debian.org mail routing and @master.debian.org mail routing.  The two
are handled the same, although they should not be.

DSA is looking at ways to disentangle the two mail domains, and as a first
step, we are going to update LDAP so that everyone who doesn't currently
have a mail forward set will have it set to $uid@master.debian.org.
This should not change current behavior, but will make the forward
explicit and allow us to start disentangling the two mail domains without
breaking the implicit assumption that many of you seem to be relying on.

If this is not the behavior you want, please set your mail forward
attribute explicitly.  To find out if your mail attribute is set, log
into any debian.org machine you have access to and run:

ldapsearch -x "(uid=$USER)" emailForward

If you get an emailForward attribute in the output and it is the correct
address for your mail, we thank you.

We will leave things as they are for a week or so, and then we'll do the
bulk update ourselves if you all haven't.

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