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Bits o' Bugs from the BTS

It's been a really long time since owner@b.d.o has written, so these
should most likely be called bytes, but here goes:


[in control@bdo]

1) summary -- you can now select a message which summarizes a bug; the
first non-control, non-pseudoheader, non-quoted[1] paragraph is
selected as the summary for a bug:

# select message 15 as the summary
summary 12345 15
# select this message as the summary
summary 12345 0

this is also exported via get_status and soap, so other things can use it

2) affects -- you can now mark a bug as affecting another package, and
it'll show up in the other package's bug list by default. Use this
when liba breaks user-visible package b to try to stem the flow of
grave OMG THE WORLD BLEW UP bugs. [Or just to clue people in.] In the
near future, there will be a wrongpackage nnn foopkg; command which
reassigns to foopkg and marks the bug as affecting the package it was
originally assigned to.

3) limit -- you can now limit control operations[1.5] to arbitrary
constraints, such as:

# bugs with package foo and bar
limit package foo bar
# bugs which have severity serious
limit severity serious
# bugs which are submitted by you
limit submitter you@foo.com

same keys are or'd, different keys anded. Full documentation of this
feature will be forthcomming in the server-control webpage when I get
around to it. [package foo is now implemented as a special case of
limit, in case you were wondering why the control transcript suddenly

4) tag -- now accepts multiple commands in a single line:

# tag a bug bar, untag it foo, and set it to bleh
tag 12345 + bar - foo = bleh

5) unarchive,archive -- you can now archive and unarchive bugs. Bugs
which satisfy the criterion for archiving (ignoring time) and have
been previously archived can be manually archived using the archive
command. Any archived bug can be unarchived using the unarchive

unarchive 12345
# since 12345 (presumably) still satisfies the archiving criterion
archive 12345

6) forcemerge -- takes the first bug as the prototype, and makes the
second bug just like it so that it can be merged.

[web frontend]

1) cgi options -- see the bottom of the webpages if you haven't
already; pretty self explanatory.

2) full text search -- http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/search.cgi

3) little symbols -- to make the pages easier to see lots of bugs, the
following symbols have been added:

Merged         =
Blocked        ♙ # pawn
Blocks         ♔ # king	
Forwarded      ↝
Affects        ☣ # biohazard
patch          +
Fixed Versions ☺ # smiley
wontfix        ☹ # frownie
Archived       ♲ # recycle
moreinfo       M
security       S
unreproducible R
pending        P
help           H
upstream       u
fixed-upstream U
fixed          F

Severities also have symbols, but these are fairly obvious; hover on
the symbols to see what they mean if you forget.

[local debbugs]

1) There is now a local debbugs package, which enables you to run a
local copy of debbugs which by default contains all of the RC bugs,
bugs in your packages, and bugs you've commented on that are
unarchived. [You can configure this if you wish.]

Once debbugs is uploaded to experimental (soon, I promise) and
progresses through NEW[2], you can play with this by installing the
debbugs-local package, and running:

local-debbugs --mirror
local-debbugs --daemon
local-debbugs --search severity:serious
local-debbugs --stop

(it's a bit rough around the edges still; bugs (preferably with
patches) accepted.)


1) Debbugs::Control abstraction -- almost all of the control@ routines
are in a new file, which means we can call them from submit@ time to
support control actions in an initial mail.

2) Bugs which are assigned to a source package instead of a binary
package now have src: prefixed in front of the name. This now
completely disambiguates the source: foo makes binary: bar, and
source: bar makes binary: foo case... (but it doesn't make it less
confusing for humans, so please don't do that.)

3) General code cleanup -- most everything is use warnings; use
strict; (but not everything).

== FUTURE ==

1) Indication of the status of bugs for all distributions (and
architectures) in a single query; soap-able too. [This will enable the
bts ldap to be deprecated and phased out.]

2) Finish abstracting out control; make it accessible at submit@ time

[...] see the huge list of bugs at http://bugs.debian.org/debbugs and


We're always looking for more people to help out with debbugs; feel
free to ask questions and get started fixing bugs in the bug tracker.

Don Armstrong
(on behalf of the whole owner@bugs.debian.org team)

1: For the most part, and assuming you quote with >; if you quote with
spaces or | or some other char(s), put the summary on top.

1.5: Well, almost all. merge, unmerge, forcemerge, and clone don't
respect this, though they do respect the package limit.

2: Or you can get it right now from:
bzr branch http://bugs.debian.org/source/mainline
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