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gluck.debian.org (aka oldpeople.d.o) about to be shut down


we are re-purposing gluck.debian.org (formerly people.debian.org) as a
new security mirror to be shipped to Australia.  Therefore the
gluck.debian.org you have all come to love and depend upon will cease to
exist in the near future.

The services that are still being hosted on gluck will be moved to
different hosts and we will contact affected teams in the next couple of
days if we haven't already to see how DSA can assist them.

As already mentioned gluck.debian.org was formerly known as
people.debian.org, basically a free for all general purpose machine, and
therefore quite a lot of you still have stuff in your home directories.

If you care about any data you might have there please get it while you

Current plan is to shut down current gluck by end of June (so in about
10 days).

On behalf of the Debian Sysadmin Team

Martin Zobel-Helas
 Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org>  | Debian System Administrator
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