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Looking for new Security Team members

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Looking for new Security Team Members

We're looking for up to three more people to extend the Security
Team further. The basic requirements are:

 * You must have time to kill. You'll need to be able to dedicate
   a chunk of time each week to this task, and be able to keep
   up with what's going on on a close to daily basis.
   Also, please tell us, in which time zone you live and during
   which times you'll typically be able to communicate with the
   rest of us.

 * Diligence is the key.

 * You need to be an experienced programmer, both in understanding
   existing code and in creating / backporting patches.
   You don't need to be able to understand every language in our
   archive (which is impossible), but tell us about your existing
   skill set.

 * You need to be familiar with how the wide variety Debian packages
   are maintained, patched and built.
   We'll teach on the specific details of the security-related
   buildd and archive tools.

 * You don't necessarily need to be a Debian developer (yet), so
   if you're a Debian Maintainer or in NM that's fine as well.

Interested? Please write to us at team@security.debian.org
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