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Bits from the (re-elected) DPL: delegation

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to start my second term as Project Leader.  It's a
great honour to be elected for a second time, although it of course
means that I'll have to kiss goodbye to any silly ideas of having any
spare time in the foreseeable future. At least this year I managed to
convince Luk to share the load. *grin*

Thanks to Zack for standing in the election this year. Of course I'm
happy to have beaten him, but I also believe that he could have done a
reasonable DPL job. I hope we can work together on stuff this year

So, onto the boring stuff. I hereby formally delegate Luk to be
assistant DPL this year while I'm DPL. As far as is practical, we will
share all the DPL's duties and responsibilities; we will both receive
leader@ mail, and we both get to see all tickets in rt.debian.org. We
intend to work as a team, but I'll get to have the last say and take
the blame for any mistakes we make.

Same as last year, we're hoping to be able to help make Debian work
better and be more fun for you. We also plan on having regular updates
on what we've done and pointers to cool stuff in the project. Please
feel free to poke either/both of us about things that you think we
should be taking care of. We're here to help.

I also have some updates on what I got up to over the last couple of
months; I was holdling back on them while we ran through the election
process, but it's about time I shared them with you. Watch this space!

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
Into the distance, a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back

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