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Transitions update: some done, some ready, some starting


Executive summary:

  * ffmpeg/libraw1394/directfb done, upload blocks lifted

  * poppler, evolution-data-server/gnokii/metacity, libmtp/libgpod
    scheduled for this week, upload blocks in place (see attached)

  * transitions that are starting already: KDE 4.2, GNOME 2.24,
    GNUstep 1.19, libltdl, ImageMagick, clamav, pkg-voip ones

Long version follows.

The blocks introduced last week for the ffmpeg/libraw1394/directfb
transitions have now been lifted, since we managed to migrate these
transitions last Sunday with little or no breakage, and only a few
packages left depending on the old SONAMEs in testing (mostly, reverse
dependencies of libdc1394-13, which didn’t manage to get rebuilt, and
which we’re dropping soon anyway).

New blocks are in place this week, for the poppler transition, the
evolution-data-server/metacity/gnokii transitions (which will go
together), and the libmtp/libgpod transitions. The complete list of
packages is attached. It is my plan to get all of them done before the
weekend. The required versions of packages that need to be in testing in
order for the blocks to get lifted automatically are poppler/0.10.4-3,
evolution-data-server/2.24.5-3, and libmtp/0.3.6-2, in case you want to
check with rmadison whether you can upload.

As previously announced, several new transitions have been approved now,
and will hit unstable soon, if not already. Three of them belong to
desktop environments: KDE (4.2), GNOME (2.24), and GNUstep (1.19).
Expect some uninstallabilities and unupgradability in these subsystems.
(The GNOME transition will start once evolution-data-server migrates,
because the latter is practically ready, and we’d be unnecessarily
tieing them.)

We’ll also have some regular library transitions at the same time:
libltdl (from the libtool source package), ImageMagick (this one will
start a bit after poppler is done), clamav (already ongoing), and
several ones self-contained within the pkg-voip team. We’ll be also
doing some Bin-NMUs to get rid of dependencies on obsolete
jack-audio-connection-kit transitional packages, and to get rid of
libcap1, but these will involve no pain.

As far as I can tell by looking at my debian-release folder, there is
only the exiv2 transition as needing a reply from the Release Team. I’ll
be looking soon at whether it’s feasible to do it at the same tame as
the current set. libmpcdec is also pending and we’re already
coordinating with the maintainer.

If you sent mail regarding some other transition than those mentioned
here, please send us a ping. Send also a mail for any other transition
you want to start, though unless it’s very self-contained, it’ll have to
wait until unstable clears itself a bit again.


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        -- Rory and Lorelai

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