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"The future of the D-I team" meeting: March 16th 21:00 UTC

The Debian Installer team is proud for the release of the final version
of D-I, thus allowing lenny to be released later on.

Still, we are aware that D-I was one of the main blockers for the
lenny release and we feel the need to "revive the hype" and motivate
more developers to contribute to D-I development.

We are also aware to be facing challenges in release management which
we have to solve in order to reach a point where we can continue
developing that major piece of Debian.

For this, and mostly in order to prepare ourselves to the challenges
of squeeze development, we decided about a team meeting on March 16th
21:00 UTC. That meeting will happen on the #debian-boot IRC channel.

A (scarce) meeting agenda is available on

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