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Changes in ftpmaster


I'd like to announce a couple of changes to the FTPMaster Team.

First of all, Ryan Murray will be leaving the team after many years
contribution.  We'd like to thank him for all of the work he has put in during
that time and wish him the best for the future.

Second, Mark Hymers will be promoted to FTP Master. Everybody feel free
to send condolence cards (or whiskey, whatever you prefer) to him. :)

Just a reminder that we're always looking for people to help out on ftpteam.
The requirements haven't changed since the last time we mentioned this.
Just as a reminder:

 - You should be able to invest at least 5 to 10 hours per week into this
   role for as long as you want to be involved

 - You need to be able to deal with sometimes not very popular decisions.
   People do not always like it if you reject a package, but that is no
   reason to allow bad ones in. If you can't stand a bit of flames / don't
   like to take hard decisions, this is not the job for you. :)

 - You need to be able to deal with all the existing team members (and they
   with you) :)

 - You must love reading and dealing with legal texts, such as licenses and
   working out how they affect the package in Debian. The ftpteam is *the* one
   place to decide if something is ok for Debian to distribute or not, and you
   will have to take this decision (although support and advice will be
   provided by the rest of the team)

 - You need a very good understanding of the archive, how packaging works,
   to know QA processes and the general way things are dealt with in
   Debian. This job will throw you right into the middle of all this.
   You have to know the basics of just about every programming language
   you can imagine (and all those you can't but that are still there),
   and of all the different packaging systems people use.  NEW will present
   all of them and more which you have never heard about and you need to be
   able to dig through it, searching for possible problems.

 - You should be able to read and write python.  This is essential if you want
   to understand the code behind the archive, or even want to help maintaining

If you want to help, please mail ftpmaster@debian.org

Also, if that is all too much for you, you do not need to join the team to help
out. If you know python you can also be of great help by contributing with
patches to the dak code.

If you want your pet feature in dak, Go and code it! (Well, join #debian-dak on
irc.debian.org and talk to us first, to avoid double work or running in the
totally wrong direction. Noone likes having to redo everything because of a bad
starting point).
If you want to help out coding, the git repository is at

bye, Joerg
> commited with the quality of our system (and project), it is all very
> connected: Freedom <-> Users <-> Quality <-> Transparency <-> Freedom.
This looks like a consulting schema

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