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Appointment of new Project Secretary

Hi folks,

After some deliberation and some delay, I'd like to announce the
appointment of a new Secretary. As required in the constitution, Bdale
(as acting Secretary) and I have worked together and decided on which
of the volunteers we feel would be best for the position.

I'm happy to announce that Kurt Roeckx will be the new Secretary. We
have spoken about the job and agreed that adding an Assistant
Secretary would again be a good idea, especially given that we expect
several votes to come up soon. We have therefore decided to appoint
Neil McGovern again as assistant, due to his recent experience as
assistant to Manoj. Thanks to both Kurt and Neil. I hope that they
will cope well with their new roles.

Thanks also to all of the other people who selflessly offered their
services; I would still like to encourage them to help the new
Secretaries in the future.

Steve McIntyre, Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org>

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