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Bits from the buildd.debian.org world

Hi there,

Recent work from Steve McIntyre (current DPL) in coordination with Ryan
Murray (wanna-build maintainer and buildd admin for several architectures) 
has led to the injection of new blood in the buildd.debian.org world. We
thank them both for this opportunity, plus DSA for their help throughout
the process.


Let's start with the autobuilders: Ryan will take care of alpha now, and
i386, mipsen, and powerpc get new people on board. The list of buildd
admins for all architectures ends up like this:

    * alpha: Ryan Murray (backup Steve Langasek)
    * amd64: Kurt Roeckx, Frederik Schüler
    * arm: Aurelien Jarno
    * armel: Riku Voipio
    * hppa: LaMont Jones
    * i386: Philipp Kern, Luk Claes [*]
    * ia64: LaMont Jones
    * mips, mipsel: Thiemo Seufer, Martin Zobel-Helas [*]
    * powerpc: Philipp Kern, Wouter Verhelst
    * s390: Bastian Blank
    * sparc: Martin Zobel-Helas

These are the people who are, or will be, behind the <arch>@buildd.d.o
mail aliases. Arches marked with [*] are those where the hand-over has
not happened yet (but will happen soon).

Also, there is ongoing work to ensure all architectures with a single
admin get a backup admin.

wanna-build infrastructure

A new team has been created (gid: wbadm) to maintain the wanna-build
infrastructure (that is, the software that tells the autobuilders what
to build, plus the pages you see in <http://buildd.debian.org>). The
team is initially formed by:

    * Andreas Barth
    * Marc Brockschmidt
    * Luk Claes
    * Philipp Kern
    * Ryan Murray
    * Adeodato Simó

In the past few days, Philipp Kern has taken care of migrating the
existing setup to the new role account (uid: wbadm), and the hand-over
is now finished.

Contact addresses

Here's a crash course on who to ask what, and where:

    * the role address for the wanna-build team is wb-team@buildd.debian.org.
      However, a buildd.debian.org pseudo-package has been requested in the
      BTS, so please only use the role address for stuff that is not BTS

    * architecture-specific give-back and dep-wait requests, chroot
      problems, etc., should always be directed at <arch>@buildd.debian.org
      first; if you get no action, you can send them to wb-team@buildd.d.o.

    * binary NMUs requests should still be sent to debian-release@lists.d.o;
      the rationale is that many binNMU requests are related to some
      transition, or hide bugs, which the release team should stay on top of.

Source code

All the source code that is around in raff (buildd.debian.org) and the
buildds will be published, most likely under http://buildd.debian.org/git/
(plus a mirror in git.debian.org). We'll get to that next, thanks in
advance for your patience.

On behalf of wbadm,

Adeodato Simó

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