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Gandi.net Hosting discount


Gandi.net are kindly offering every Debian Developer a discount on their
hosting solution[1]. If you apply under the procedure outlined
below, you will pay according to "Rate E", which at the time of this
writing is a discount of 20%!

Steps to follow:
 - If you do not already have a Gandi.net handle, create one at

 - Send a mail signed with your Debian GPG Key to gandi-discount@debian.org.
   Include your Gandi.net handle and the currency in which you want to pay.

 - Wait for an OK reply before you order your server share(s) (Or the
   first month will be normal rates).

If you already own a server share with Gandi.net and want to have the
rate, follow the procedure above and starting with the next month 
you should be fine.

[1] http://www.gandi.net/hosting/

About Gandi.net:
Created in 1999 and purchased in 2005 by an experienced managerial team,
the French company Gandi manages more than 750,000 domain names for
clients in 198 countries around the world, which places the company
among the leading domain names registrars in France and sixth at the
European level.
Today, Gandi is considered as a strong point of reference in the fields
of domain name registrars. The company's goal is to create an
alternative and independent line of Internet services based around
domain names. Gandi is devoted to giving everyone tools for whatever
their purpose is, whether it is to discuss their interests, present
products or services, or to simply express themselves. In short, we
enable people to lay claim to a personal online presence of professional
quality. Our clients range from individuals, associations and small
companies, to public institutions (EU for example) and large
multinational corporations. All have put confidence in us, and it's
something we are deeply proud of.

bye, Joerg

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