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Bug Sprint - Oct 25 to Oct 30 - Register and eat cookies

Dear developers,

we are currently very close to release lenny which is most likely going
to be absolutely awesome.

However, there are currently around 100 RC bugs remaining that stand
between us and this release. In the permanent BSP state that has lasted
for quite some time, people seem to lose focus on this urgent need for
the release and the most motivated people are losing motivation after
this marathon.

Hence the idea of the bug sprint.

    100 developers × 5 days = 100 RC bugs closed

100 developers will be working during 5 days and each of them will
commit to close a RC bug that will be assigned to him.

Fixing a RC bug means either of:
      * Uploading a NMU that fixes the bug to unstable. 
      * Convincing, with a mail that details the rationale, a release
        manager to tag the bug lenny-ignore. 
      * Convincing, in a similar way, a release manager to remove the
        package from lenny. 

The one who Fixes a RC bug that is more than 3 months old by writing a
patch shall become a WINNER. WINNERs and release managers will be
eligible to receive home-made cookies from volunteers and from those who
are not able to fix their RC bug in 5 days.

Rules and inscription: http://wiki.debian.org/BugSprint

Add your name now, and win cookies !
: :' :      We are debian.org. Lower your prices, surrender your code.
`. `'       We will add your hardware and software distinctiveness to
  `-        our own. Resistance is futile.

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