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report from the Emdebian/FAI Work Session in Extremadura 2008


this is the co-authored report from the

=== Emdebian/FAI Work Session in Extremadura 2008 ===

A joyous meeting for a few days discussing and working on 
[http://emdebian.org|Emdebian] in Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain. The meeting and 
work session took place in the gnuLinEx center and was attended by 18 Debian 

==== Lenny bug squashing results ====

RC bug squashing with 7 or 8 closed RC bugs affecting Lenny and 3 sid only 
ones. (Lesson learned: don't count the number of bugs, but list the bug 

==== Emdebian results ====

 * Cross-toolchain work - trying to fix gcc cross-multilib builds in mips/ppc. 
Problem lies with differnces between gcc and debian lib64 paths. Could be 
fixed with links in glibc. Disabled for now so that these arches 
cross-toolchains can build.
 * dpkg-cross gained cmake cross-build support
 * Documentation overhaul
 * emdebian Server overhauled and updated
 * Exploring the need for an Emdebian system based on coreutils instead of 
 * Significant reductions in the size of glibc and tzdata for Emdebian 
(courtesy of Aurelien), expected to save 5Mb in all Emdebian root 
 * Improving uClibc support in Emdebian
 * Emdebian '5 year plan' including a full code audit in 2009 (preceded by 
NMUs to close existing cross-building bugs)
 * Goals and flavours for Emdebian Squeeze
   * Emdebian crush - maximally squeezed with dependency changes, package name 
changes and a lot of work to ensure that Debian packages can still be mixed 
   * Emdebian grip - smaller amounts of squeeze, as few functional changes as 
possible and highest level of compatibility with Debian.
   * Clearer support for native builds of Emdebian packages.
 * Ideas and improvements to best handle the new buildd.emdebian.org 
pseudo-package along the lines of ftp.debian.org using usercategories and 
 * Work on DEB_VENDOR and how dpkg classes will, together with a few other bug 
fixes, provide the basis to migrate all Emdebian patches into Debian before 
 * debhelper patch for tags in packages.* files
 * MTD support in Debian-installer discussed. Proposal for work/analysis 
 * Balloon3 networking and touchscreen improvements for Emdebian
 * all bugs filed against busybox 1.11.2 have been verified and fixed 

==== FAI work ====

We made FAI ready for Lenny. In that course, we fixed 1 serious, 3 important 
and 16 other bugs. We also had long discussions about changelogs and quite 
some fun!

==== Other relevant stuff ====

While it was hot and sunny, it wasn't as hot as it will be in July 2009 ;)
(air-conditioning is going to be *so* needed for DebConf!)

As usual when people meet keysigning party took place. (yay \o/)

30GB of DebConf7 videos (as ntsc and pal mpeg1 file formats) where uploaded, 
so that DVDs can be created now.

Muchas gracias a la Junta de Extremadura for giving us this opportunity!! It 
is very much appreciated!


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